Bridge on Trail 3 at the Lakes

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Bridge on Trail 3 at the Lakes

Postby danwalko » Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:14 pm

Hey everyone...

I received the following from Mike Fobes today concerning the demo of the long curved bridge on Trail 3 at the Lakes. This is the bridge that covered a low swampy type of area on trail 3 that leads from the small model boat launching area/parking lot and heads over toward the dam on George Street. The bridge was covered in chicken wire. It had recently become damaged due to heavy rains and had to be dismantled. Hopefully, things will dry out soon and we can actually ride at the Lakes. Until the bridge is finished, you may need to ride thru the swampy area.

Thanks, Dan

In Kain Park, trail #3, we have dismantled the 30’ bridge crossing the creek in the low-lands. A new bridge will be installed asap! I also plan to chicken wire on the new bridge for better traction. When the trails are open, you can still use trail #3 but will have to push or carry bike across the bridge area. I will let you know when the new bridge is complete.

Michael Fobes
Manager of Natural Resources
York County Department of Parks & Recreation
Office: 717.840.7228
Cell: 717-324-5624

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