Gutbuster! 4/11/2010

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Gutbuster! 4/11/2010

Postby spudracing » Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:28 am

Hey all,
The Gutbuster lives! I have decided to reinvent the event and it will happen on Saturday, April 11th.
Venue: Camp Scroggy (Jon Scroggins Property)
Time: 11:00 AM
Course Details: 20-30 minute MTB time trial on extremely technically trails. Think tight singletrack, short steep climbs, log overs, wood bridges, rocks...basicly a high intensity 25 minute interval. Nothing is too ass puckering and can be ran over if you feel the need to dismount.
Other details: Westy's Beer Wholesaler will sponser the event and will be providing a large selection of Craft Beers. Over 12 different varities of tasty sippies will be available.
Cost: $20.00 gets you the race plus additional riding and beer. And of course your EGG!

Dirty details: I have moved the event to an independent venue for several reasons. Please respect the Scrogmans property as you would any of the other local riding areas. Proceeds from this event will go to: Spud Racing, A new trail system in the Etters/Dillsburg area and the YAMBA trail crew. We will have some additional talent this year from the north (HBG/Mech) area so the racing should be fast and furious.

Let me know if you will be attending so I can prepare for parking.
Paul Yeager
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