Trailwork, Saturday November 9th - 9am

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Trailwork, Saturday November 9th - 9am

Postby danwalko » Tue Oct 29, 2013 7:32 pm

Hey everyone...

Our next Trailwork will be at 9am on Saturday, November 9th. We will work at the Lakes on some de-berming of trail 2A, some trimming, and possibly some leaf removal from a few trails. The trails dry in the winter much faster when the leaves don't hold in the water. Come out and join us!

Meet at the Lake WILLIAMS parking lot at 8:50am. We will head out at 9am and work until 12-1pm. Please bring water, gloves, and sturdy shoes. YAMBA will provide snacks and some swag to raffle at the end of trailwork. ... 4308866339

Thanks, Dan
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