On the subject of mailing lists

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On the subject of mailing lists

Postby diggingtrail » Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:34 pm

This was brought up in off topic so that is where I am making this post.

There will not be a YAMBA sanctioned or YAMBA run mailing list. Long before transitioning to the new site, there were posts on the Yahoo site asking for somebody to step up and design a new website for YAMBA. The first that I can remember was over two years ago. Near the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009 the request was posted on the Yahoo page . Again there were no volunteers. I distinctly remember attending meetings where the topic was addressed and nobody volunteered to do the work. Then in May of 2009 I was bored one day and started to mess around. That messing around eventually came to be this new site.

Over the course of many discussions both in emails and at YAMBA club meetings it was decided that the Yahoo type page was not very user friendly and that we would try a new direction. This new site provides more information than could ever have been put on the old site. In addition that information is more easily found or directed to. By using the forum format, I am able to put information on the homepage w/ links to the specific topics or even specific posts. In addition w/ this site, individuals that are not members of YAMBA or even the forum are still able to receive notifications by using the RSS feed. There are many people that read forums or get RSS feeds for the information but don't actually join a site. If they have the desire to join the discussion they join the forum. Do we want more members? Yes! And we feel this is the best way to do it, by putting the information out there in an easy to digest format. We have had people read our forum and come out to a trailwork already before actually joining, so it is working.

If any member of YAMBA would like to start their own mailing list, they can. I would hope though that they would direct people to the actual YAMBA site though if they do that. However, YAMBA will not be creating a mailing list. We have the forum, which sends out optional emails or RSS dispatches. It takes 10 seconds to log into the forum, or less w/ autologin (such as mobile safaris implementation) or even persistent login (the log me in each visit check box). This topic will be locked and any further discussion should be posted in the feedback section of the forum. However, I personally will not be addressing this topic anymore.

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